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Welcome to Madison Young’s Feminist Porn Network! The Feminist Porn Network is a network of sex positive erotic web sites documenting authentic chemistry, real couples, empowered women, and genuine fetish play. We are dedicated to safer sex, sexual education, and creating spaces for women, men and persons of all gender identities to explore their sexuality with out shame. Our content documents honest reflections of sexuality and desire that will inspire the viewer to explore their sexual kinks and desires in a fun, safe and consensual manner. Our network of sites offers a full range of media, information, resources and hot queer-, feminist-, and couples-friendly pornography including videos, photos, behind the scenes, live shows, cam shows, podcasts, mp3s, articles, monthly columns, erotica, educational videos and more. We look forward to your presence and feedback with in the FPN Community.

With Art, Orgasms, and Love,
Madison Young




MadisonBound – Madison Young’s flagship site. This site offers updates 5 times a week featuring photos, videos, behind-the-scene peeks, and guest galleries either starring or directed by sex positive tasmanian devil, Madison Young. An inside personal look into the queen of BDSM.




TheWomansPOV – Sex and sexual culture from a woman’s point of view. The first website to feature lesbian and queer porn exclusively from a woman’s point of view. Also featuring weekly reviews, articles, travel pieces, recipes, blogs, live shows, podcasts, and news pieces around women’s views on sexual and feminist culture.




PerversionsOfLesbianLust – Perversions of Lesbian Lust is our literary website featuring Lesbian Pulp inspired story lines with in our lesbian and queer photo and video updates. Also featuring weekly lesbian and queer erotica, videos of naked girls reading erotic bed time stories, audio mp3s of lesbian erotica readings, podcasts, and live shows.



femifist.com femifist.com femifist.com femifist.com

FemiFist – Join the Five Finger Revolution. FemiFist is launched in November 2011 and features persons of all gender identities engaging in hot fisting play in photo and video updates as well as educational videos and articles on fisting. Fisting forums and fisting faqs will also be available to members. Live shows and podcast guests will appear regularly to talk about fisting and to show you how to lead your own five finger revolution.



I Love Girls in Glasses is planning to launch in 2012, and will feature hot girls in glasses making out, geeking out about sex and their favorite frames, behind the scenes video clips, having steamy sex and orgasms with other girls, guys or their favorite toys all while their glasses on served to you in weekly updates of sizzling photos and videos.



Feminist Porn Network is bringing you a couples-friendly website that documents real passionate fucking couples. These self-identified men and women explore their fantasies for the camera in chemistry drenched videos. Inside you’ll find videos shot in an intimate pov style, along with fantasy scenarios that are constructed by the men and women in front of the camera. They decide who, where and how they want to fuck. These are empowered and passionate climactic adventures that persons of all genders will enjoy on their own or with a partner.